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Wednesday, 23 January 2008
Getting into blogging...
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: What in tarnation is a blinkin' blog, you may have asked yourself?
Topic: Blogging?

Laughing Dog, hog, bog, smog, frog, did you say log, or was it Pog?  Nope! We're talkin'  Blog! That's short form for Web Log, a kind of running account, usually, of something specific or even nothing in particular or just stuff people want to say and or show to others. Most are fashioned sort of after webpages and come with various functions, widgets, pics, clips, songs etc and other pretty kool stuff, depending on the desires of the owner and or owners of the blog. There are about as many types of blogs out there as there are people who blog. Pick one of Your favorite subjects,  then do a search for related blogs and you might be in for a rush...

There is a lot of very cool stuff out there and a number of cool folks behind some of that stuff.  Tracking down the quality blogs is also part of the fun of Blogging too. Some blogs are visited so much that they earn good money for their owners. The reason people go to a certain blog, is because of the quality of the content. The better the content, the more visitors to that blog. First tip then...

If You want to start a blog, with the intention of developing a good following, make certain that Your content is king, as they say! Do Not fill your blog with drivel and gigo data. Stick to what you know. Do Not pretend to be someone you aren't unless you want to run your blog under a pen-name of course, which is fine too perhaps.

You see friend, If people know they can come to Your blog and learn valuable, proven information that they can apply and use in their own life, they will show up again, seeking that info from you. Be honest and sincere with them from the start and before long, the rewards will start showing up...

Why blog? Why not? Give me three good reasons why YOU should not blog and I'll give you 6 why you should.Laughing There is a whole big world out there. Millions upon millions of real people are using this amazing Internet thingy right now and even more of them are jumping on the Internet bandwagon every day.

 NEVER before in Mankind's history has such a powerful thing been unleashed to the common man. There are millions of people who would be interested in meeting You and seeing what You have to say and getting to know you, all through this virtual reality expressed medium we call a blog on the Internet. Do yourself a favor and check into this stuff of, putting out there, what YOU want to put out there for others to see. A Blog is a REALLY good way to get into a sharing mode that will start reaping benefits on you that would not have existed if nobody knew of You or how to get a hold of you and or your talents, whatever they may be. Oh, and by the way, we do ALL have talents, even though some may not know theirs yet. Smile

Who knows, perhaps blogging will be their or Your new-found talent? I'd like to think I had a tiny part in that, here to-day, if things turn out that way for some of you reading this now.  Many folks did not think they were writers, until they really started to write and it just gets easier once You get going.

Definately not the best example, but none the less, a sample of what you could do with a blog, is this one I've been working on over at Blogger dot com. It's mostly about bush related stuff but also has a bit of my personal goings on and day to day stuff in there too.  Take a look see and don't be shy about leaving a comment or two in there for me. Cool I LOVE comments !

...take me to LarryB's Blog

Now, after that "learners" example, in order for You to Really See what Blogging is about, I'm going to re-direct You right here to a Blogger who is also a Giant Squid and one amazing Writer and she want's You to blog too...

Linda's Blogging Blog

So in closing, once again I'd like to say that, the Opportunity is out there, knocking on Your door right Now, for YOU to get your foot jammed in this door of the Blogosphere and open the many other doors of your possible futures, ever wider...

 More later,



P.S. Wanna see a little more of my work on the web? It's as easy as typing "larrybass" into Google. to get a little sample of my outdoorsy flavored SEO workings, with the Great Google.  Cool

Give it a go yourself and see... 

Posted by larrybass at 6:45 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 16 October 2008 11:43 AM EDT
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