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Larry Bourgeois Outdoors

Adventure In The Canadian Bush...

Here we are folks, very much alive and well and NOW, on the web too. First of all, thanks for finding my outdoorsy slanted little page. It's designed, built and powered by the desire to make a good place for YOU to visit if you like the Great Outdoors. Or even if you really enjoy just being alive in general. Being a bush dude for so many years it was a bit of a change and a challenge to say the least, getting onto the www, windows platforms, HTML and the Internet in general. Truth be told, I am now simply hooked on all this kool web stuff and researching the whole big ball of wax to do with it, is simply too much fun! How could anyone not like this?? I found that once I got going, I could hardly stop. A lot of times I eat only once a day, so I don't have to leave my monitor when the creative juices are flowing. I'm sure there are a few of you out there who can relate to that, eh? The more you work on the web, the more good ideas you come across and neat things you see and even get to try. It is SO interactive, as they say. What a place to learn about anything you want to really understand or even check into just a little. It is a limitless pool of the whole wonderful worlds' knowledge. No shortage of websites to visit and people to communicate with when YOU are wired into the World Wide Web.

Many years ago as a youngster, I would have easily given my eye teeth to simply have access to just the Fishing information alone, that is available on the net to-day. I used to read every magazine on the cigar store shelves that had to do with fishing or any kind of bush stuff. I sure learned a lot from them all but it scares me a little to imagine where I might be to-day if I had the web and all it's magic back then?? Maybe on T.V. even, with the likes of the really Cool fishin' guys like Al Lindner, Jimmy Houston, Roland Martin or Good 'ol Billy Dance, even, doing a fishing show somewhere up here in Ontario. Ahhhhh! dream....

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my many years of experience and feelings I've come to have for the wild places, with YOU, a fellow lover of outdoorsy things. I'm sure you have all felt the warmth and security provided by a small fire built in the woods or along the bank of a clear stream or shore of a lake somewhere in your past. I find those little fires tie us ALL to our forefathers by letting us see and feel how beautiful some of life's small pleasures truly are. Gives us an appreciation for what we have and what we want and what we care about when it all boils down.

The taste of fresh caught fish cooked over a small campfire, tastes far superior to a restaurant prepared one, no matter how well they do it up in their fancy kitchens! You just can't beat FRESH. Besides, the satisfaction of catching your own wild food, definitely adds more Ooomph to it and makes it taste that much better as food for the soul too. * a sidebar - Skill and knowledge are good measuring sticks. Because of your abilities, you get to eat and be relatively comfortable. Didn't study enough or work at things properly, or care enough? Oh well, maybe tomorrow you can get it right. Sorry to hear you're hungry and uncomfortable again. Didn't practice basic fire building? Ooooppss. Too bad to hear that you are still cold and wet. Gee, sounds like the latest bunch of survivors on the T.V. show. They didn't get fire till they were given flint after three days. Not that it's all that easy to make a fire with no matches but I'm saying they should have at least studied a little before going to the Islands for 39 days.

Being out all day in the woods or bush as I like to refer to the natural places, especially alone, can open you up to more truths in one day than you could find on television or most videos in a week. Reality and reality alone exists in the bush. Nothing plastic or fake to deceive you there. You soon learn that everything is governed by nature and or God if you will. God made nature, nature makes everything else including us. We use it to live, either directly or indirectly. You don't try to change it all. You learn to try to adapt to the whole picture and fit in so you can derive pleasure without causing grief. Harvest some and then sow some. Reap from your work!! Tom Brown Jr. is one of my favorite writers. He grew up in the Pine Barrens Of New Jersey, and he has authored quite a number of books spreading this feeling all throughout the land, in great depth. Read some of his stuff if you want to really see and appreciate nature and learn how to give back to it. In this manner we are indeed giving thanks to God for our very life. Something which many people seem to be taking for granted these days, being alive and healthy and happy and loved. Give back to those around you, and show your appreciation. :-)

There is a lot of bush out there to explore folks. Usually, you won't have to travel very far to find a little quiet spot. Ton's are within walkin' distance. Just check it out. Look around you the next time you are out walkin'. Any port in a storm as they used to say.

Why don't you take a little walk to-day, close to where you work or live and find even one little chunk of grass with some shrubs or a tree nearby and sit down there. Try to become a part of the whole scene around you for even a few minutes? Close your eyes and just get lost in listening for a bit. Feel the grass in your fingers. Eyeball the leaves or twigs and the foliage. You just may lose yourself there for a few minutes. Maybe you could even bring a friend or loved one to share the experience with to boot, another time. Both ways is a neat trip and sure to be filled with time well spent unwinding from the concrete world a lot of us live in. It will make your day look or feel at least, a whole lot different in most cases. More refreshing and manageable and nicer.

I Hope you enjoy your visit here on my little homepage. Explore some of the links if you have a comfy chair to settle down in for a while. Perhaps you could,Click me into your favorites or bookmarks right here, before you forget. :-) Just so that you can get back here easy like, the next time you need to unwrap yourself from that steel world around us......

Don't forget, you can send me an e-mail anytime if you want to communicate with me about anything outdoorsy related! I would love to hear from you wherever you are and whenever you want.

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