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Howdy There Friend!

Welcome to one of my little low-key, personalized web pages, here on the Internet.

Has the thought of Freelance writing or ever being a Freelance Writer, ever appealed to you or even crossed your mind for that matter? Have you ever wanted to work for those folks who you choose to work for and with every day? With freelancing, you get to choose to share your stuff with whatever markets you want. Because of my personal long and varied background in wilderness adventures in the bush and in the city, I have written a few articles, pertaining to the great outdoors and I have been published in a number of magazines and papers over the years. It is quite rewarding and satisfying seeing your very own name in print in a mag somewhere. Then of course, that's not mentioning some of the extra and kind of easy bucks, you can generate by this little part-time hobby (while you slave away at your real job) that is something that you like to really do anyway.

But what about YOU, my new found friend? Maybe you've come across this little page (like a note in a bottle) because you wanna write or be free or just to better survive in this modern day, busy world surrounding you. You really wanna get your name in print, maybe. Ya, you do but not just to-day, later perhaps. Have you ever had any of your stuff published before? Are you working on something right now or do you have even, a website of your own yet? Wheeeew! Glad you found your way here to-day 'cause we're gonna get along great and your going to want to come back here again. Want to do better faster? I can help make that happen. I guarantee everything I do. Tell me what your situation is and I will offer my best, most proven and powerful success shortcuts, to help you do it.

Here's a wee bit of a kind of secret writing tip, for you that you won't see written up anywhere. In order to write better, you should start learning to be at ease with talkin' out loud to yourself or your dog, cat, bird, turtle or whatever, when nobody else is around. That way you will Hear the words, besides simply just thinking them. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? Then there ya go. It is, And it works. Why do you think actors do it? Practice talking more. Practice saying what is in your heart and mind, out loud. Seriously, it's powerful healing medicine. You see, writing is just like talking but a lot slower, unless you know the old fashioned "shorthand" method. So by talking out loud more, your mind gets to practice forming ideas and then relaying those thoughts and ideas to others through your actual verbal words and then later, the printed page. Practice makes perfect, well sort of anyway. In this neat creative field, of writing, you'll never get it perfect but it will still work O.K. if you keep at it.

Here's another teensie writers tip for you. We all know how to talk and we can all write to some degree. So.... why not build your very own personal webpage? The next step is gettin' your own ideas or artwork or gifs and words out there, LIVE on the WWW! Really, friend, it's not that hard. Not to brag but I have over 25 of them so far and I never went to college or took a computer course. That's how easy this stuff really is. Become a writer first on the web, with your own little webpage to start off with. It won't be too long before you are ready to make the jump back to print, if indeed you ever want to leave the e-printing, world of the freelance Internet writer...

Here is one of the ways I try to encourage others to get more out of life and sort of talk "Outdoorsy" with people at:

Getting Bushed...

Here's a page for all of you HotWheels Lovers out there!


One of the things for you to remember when you are just starting out at this pay for writing game is, Don't get discouraged!!! Ever! I mean Never! Lesson numero uno. Don't stop going forward. Be Strong. Be relentless. Keep at it. There is nothing wrong with collecting a bunch of pink slips from real editors at real magazines and newspapers. Lord knows I've collected my share over these last 3 decades. The way I see it is, it shows somebody, including yourself, that you are really trying. Keep on polishing your stuff until it flows smoothly and maintains your readers interest 'till the end......

Getting yourself published can sometimes be a timing thing too.'ve got to keep sending your stuff out. Staying in that positive mode and mailing more material out works, because sooner or later, someone will grab it and send you in return, a neat little cheque and a puurrtty neat little thank you letter to boot. If you are interested in writing on the web, you can save a pile of cash in postal fees, envelopes, insurance etc. Talk about getting a lot out of a little extra effort. Almost anything that you can build can be simply sent through any email connection as an attachment. TOO EASY!! This is powerful knowledge right here my readers...... Using it WILL bring results! Send more e-mail to your friends to practice communicating so you get better at doing it with strangers and perhaps future clients and other folks you haven't met yet.

Writing is simply another way for you to be expressing yourself. Doing it on paper, for others, to see and understand. We can all do that to some degree already anyway, so all we need to do as writers, is find a natural and comfortable way for us to express ourselves, so that ALL can understand. Writing to all levels is another kind of shortcut to successes. Simplifying, for instance, in itself, can be a very powerful writing tactic when used carefully and properly as well. Easy what?? Told ya so. :-) I'm sure you are all familiar with the "K.I.S.S." (keep it simple, silly) formula. It is an old catch phrase which can be applied equally and fairly to most anything and works real well in the writing craft too. Another little tip: You might eventually want to take some of that writing time of yours outdoors if you can, as well. Just get your little 'ol self out there, live, in the flesh with just a plain old fashioned pad and pen. Point yourself to let's say, a bench in a city park near you and let the inspiration flow, right there, all about. With that much absolutely real life going on around you, well I dare say you will soon be writing up a storm. Yup, Yup. Now your talkin' pardner. There is Absolutely NO time for writers block when you're sittin' there all absorbed in that nature and those people, and especially the very sounds(it seems) just for your two ears. With a notebook on your lap and the freedom of speech at your beck and call......

You can contact me pretty well anytime at this email addy---->

Here's something else that I just started doing lately and it's yet another Cool way to open even more lines of communication! So, Welcome to one of my new Web logs or Blogs as the name they are best known by. :-)

Just hit the blue link below and Enjoy!

Blogging with Bourgeois

Alrighty then, one more link for ya, to my newest little... Outdoorsy Hubpage...

Well folks, I sure hope you've enjoyed your visit in here to-day and that you'll drop in to some of my other web pages too. You may notice that on a lot of these sites, I use my nom de plume, as most freelancers are prone to do a lot. It adds a bit of flavor for us writers. If you'd care to see a little more of my stuff out there on the web, just punch "larrybass outdoorsy webmaster", or "larrybourgeois Canadian", my own personal keywords, into any GOOD search engine like say, well, Google my favorite for instance, or Snap or even Alta Vista, Lycos or Webcrawler and watch the spots it will uncover which I alone, have hand-built just to help YOU, even a little, on a part of your own quest to become a web page author or a freelance writer of any denomination.

Like I've said a few times before, I really LOVE writing and now I really enjoy the fact that I can add gifs and links , sounds, chats, Blogs, FAQ's, Ebooks and a whole lot of other way kool stuff, to my words. Whoooeeee!! That sure beats the dirt out of a plain old regular pen and notepad when you've got the choice.....We can all do it. It's a big world out there and we have waited all this time to do it. ... So.....Let's do it! Get writin' to-day.

One last link to another new Blog I've been putting together for the last little while. Go have a peek and leave a comment in there too, if you want. :-)
LarryB's Blog

Harmonony Plus! Ai!

Ki Rules!

All the best to YOU in 2012! .......

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