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LarryBourgeois' Outdoors...

Adventure In The Canadian Bush

Here we are folks, very much alive and well, and NOW, we're even on the web. My name is Larry and I'd like to Thank You for finding my Outdoorsy slanted little website here to-day. :-) It's designed, built and powered by the desire to make a good place for YOU to visit if you like the Great Outdoors. Or even if you really enjoy just really being ALIVE, in general. Being a bush-type dude for so many years, it was a bit of a change and a challenge to say the least, getting onto the www, the windows platforms, HTML, Email and the whole Internet thing in general. Truth be told, I am now simply hooked on all this web stuff! Researching the whole big ball of wax to do with it, has simply become a fixation in itself. How could anyone, not like this knowledge/communications building tool?

I found that once I got going, I could hardly stop. A lot of the time I eat only once a day, so that I don't have to leave my monitor when the creative juices are flowing. I'm sure there are a few of you out there who can relate to that, eh? :-) The more you work on the web, the more good ideas you come across and neat things you see and even get to try. It is SO interactive, as they say. What a place to learn about anything you want to really understand or even check into just a little. It is a limitless pool of the whole wonderful worlds' knowledge. No shortage of websites to visit and people to communicate with when YOU are wired into the World Wide Web. If you hit a place you don't like, you just have to hit the Back button on your browser. Also you can hook-up with Kid Protector type places that let you screen what your kids get to access. These things work, so please do not deny your children the internet because you are afraid that they will wind up being corrupted by all the sex sites out there. Come on folks. Help those children of yours. Show them, one on one, how to search properly and be with them when they discover say Australia with you or maybe you uncover a great Fishing site together. Think of the Quality time you are enjoying together. That alone should easily pay for the low monthly connection fee and the Key to the World. Man, I only can wish that my parents had offered me the world in a neat little box with wires out the back end, when I was a kid. Where would I be now if that had happened? There I go again on that dreamin' thing again. The thing is friends, Your children do have this opportunity right now and you can make that a good experience for them. Who knows where your help will lead them???

How the Outdoors got into my blood...

Many years ago as a youngster, I would have easily traded my whole marble collection,a Red Ryder BB gun, a foot high stack of mint condition comics, or even my trusty little jack knife, to simply have access to just the Fishing information alone, that is available on the net to-day. I used to read every magazine on the cigar store shelves that had to do with fishing or any kind of bush stuff for that matter. Then I'd go out and try to do all that stuff myself. I learned to fish at least 95% of the time with artificial lures, and lady luck favored me with many fine fish. Catching a lot of fish like that, of course, only hooked me all the more.

I had an awesome collection of the top 3 Outdoor magazines of the day by the time I became a teenager. I sure learned a lot from them all but it scares me a little, to imagine where I might be to-day if I had the web and all it's magic back then to go with my Gung Ho, let's do it, attitude? Maybe on T.V. perhaps, with the likes of some of the cool guys like Al Lindner, Jimmy Houston, Roland Martin or Good 'ol Billy Dance, doing a fishing show somewhere up here in Ontario. We'd probably, have a guest along who is not an expert and we get to show them, and you the viewers, some ways we know of to enjoy the wonderful world of FISHIN' every week-end!! Ahhhhh! dream....

Anyway, I want to share here, some of my years of experience and feelings which I've come to have for the wild places, with YOU, a fellow lover of outdoorsy things. You must like being outdoors to some degree or otherwise how would you ever have found this little website? I'm sure you have all felt the warmth and security provided by a cozy,little fire built in the woods or along the bank of a clear stream or shore of a lake somewhere in your past. I find those little fires tie us ALL to our forefathers and to one another, by letting us see and feel how beautiful some of life's small pleasures (like warmth from your own doing, for instance)truly are. Gives one an appreciation for what we have and what we want and what we care about when it all boils down.

The taste of fresh caught fish cooked over a campfire, tastes far superior to a restaurant prepared one, no matter how well they do it up in their fancy kitchens, to me anyways. I mean after all, the trout from the streams are raised on a variety of natural foods, not pellets tossed to them from a "trout breeder" or fish factory worker. Natural is better if you know what things are really supposed to taste like. Besides, the satisfaction of catching your own wild food,like men have for hundreds of years, definitely adds more ooomph to it and makes it that much better as food for the soul too. * a sidebar - Skill and knowledge are good measuring sticks. Because of your abilities, you get to eat. Didn't study enough or work at things properly? Oh well, maybe tomorrow you can get it right. Sorry to hear you're hungry again though. Didn't practice fire-building 101?? OOOpppss. Too bad to hear that you are still cold and wet. Hmmmm! Guess you'll have to try a bit harder next time, hungh?? If you don't "Do It", well then it simply doesn't get done. What a neat concept. Well, up to a point anyway... ;-)

One of my hero's...

Being out all day in the bush, can open up your mind to a whole lot more truths in one day than you could find on television or most videos or shopping malls in a week. Reality and reality alone, exists in the bush. Nothing plastic or fake to deceive you there. You soon learn that everything is governed by nature and God, if you will. God made nature, nature made and makes everything else including us every day. Nature is what we use to live, even in our modern times, either directly or indirectly. To get the most out of your outdoors experiences,you should remember to not try to change it all. You learn to try to adapt to the whole picture and fit in so you can derive pleasure without causing grief to the land or the nature around you. Harvest when it's time and be sure to sow when that time comes, so you may ensure another harvest ahead. You reap from your work!! Tom Brown Jr. is one of my most favorite writers. He's a very well known Outdoors Expert from the Pine Barrens Of New Jersy, and he has authored a number of excellent and unique books, spreading this feeling throughout the land, in great depth. Read some of his stuff, if you want to really learn how to see and how to appreciate nature and to learn how to give back to it. Here's a link to his school...Tom Brown Jr.

Closer than you think...

There is certainly a lot of wild & exciting bush out there to explore folks. Whether it's wilderness or not quite so wild, there are many semi tame spots too, and a few of them are close to home even. Just waiting for you. Usually, you won't have to travel very far to find at least a little quiet spot. Ton's of them are within walkin' distance of where you are right now. Just check it out. Look around you the next time you are out walkin' somewhere. Any port in a storm as they used to say. A nearby park can work real well if you are in a pinch and you need a place fast like.

Why don't you take a little walk to-day, close to where you work or live and find even one little chunk of grass with some shrubs or a tree nearby and sit down there. If there is water around, that is even better. Once you've found a quiet little spot,close your eyes and just get lost in listening for a bit. Try to become a part of the whole scene around you for even just a few minutes? Just listen and feel the grass between your fingers for awhile. Then, slowly, open your eyes and look at the leaves above you or the twigs or the bark even, of that tree. Look closer even, and you WILL see more. Seeing is believing. You just may lose yourself there for a few minutes in that little oasis.

Maybe you could even bring a friend or loved one, to share the experience with to boot, another time. Both ways is a neat trip and sure to be filled with time well spent unwinding from the concrete jungle a lot of us live in. It will make your day look a little or feel at least, a whole lot different in most cases. More refreshing and manageable and nicer and maybe even a tiny bit more fun. Try it a couple of times, because I know you are going to like it ! Learn to accept the little things in life that nature offers to you and those teeny things will grow to bigger and better things. Acknowledge our natural gifts and utilize them and propagate them and then the future will be bright for all of our children...

I Hope you enjoy your visit here on this little website to-day. Explore some of the links if you have a comfy chair to settle down in for a while. Perhaps you could bookmark this little page so you can get back here easy like, the next time you need to unwrap from that steel and concrete world that sometimes seems to surround and engulf us all...

What you are seeing below, is just one of the very kool old lures you will find at a Canadian tackle collector website. Just click this cool old Heddon Weedless Widow , to skip over to Big Bruce's neat website right now if you want. Don't worry, a new window will open up so you don't lose your place here on this page after you've scoped out some of the neat ol' great grand dad tackle that Bruce has listed there.
p.s. The prices are VERY reasonable to boot... :-)

Don't forget, you can send me an e-mail anytime, about any of my little Northern slanted websites or blogs or lenses or Hubpages! I would love to hear from YOUwhenever you want.

P.S. For anyone interested, in do-it-yourself type stuff, the most productive lure in my many tackle boxes, for over 25 years has been a natural hair or bucktail jig. Robert H. Jones, a well known Canadian Angler/Writer, now living on the west coast, in God's Country, got me hooked on these bad boys many years ago. We used to fish together, on week-ends, usually when he couldn't find anyone else to go with him. :-) I have been into building my own little hairy beauties ever since Bob patiently showed me the ropes of how to do it myself, those many years ago. Bob now has a real good book out on building your own lures (as well as a few other fishing related ones) and I would suggest you check for it, if you want some real expert guidance on making your own killer lures at home. Here is a hyper-link to a little bio, which I pulled off the web, about my good friend Bob Jones, so go take a peek if you want to check out this very well rounded Outdoorsman and retired Service man. Who is Robert H.Jones?
Over the last two decades, my little hand made hair jigs, have proven themselves over and over again, and I swear that they can, will, and do, outfish 80 to 90% of those expensive commercial jobbies out there regularly. Folks, these are my true Survivalist Lures. I mean when I HAVE to catch bread and butter baits, if you will. Jigs are just that deadly. If you don't hardly fish with hair jigs at all, you ARE missing out on some fine fishing. Trust me. :-)

What's your most powerful fish catching lure? Send me an email and let me know which one and why. If I get a few Fishin' Favs from you, I'll start a web page just for all the go to lures you guys and gals are using out there. I'll add your name and or web page URL on it too if you want. Or not, if you don't. So, don't be shy. As a matter of fact, if you put "My Favorite Lure & My FREE Ebook" in the subject bar, I'll send you a link to a totally free and kool little Ebook about making lures, from my personal collection. So send in your favorite lure notation and collect a totally kool electronic book that you are going to love.

I just recently started up an outdoorsy flavored blog that you can slip over to right here, My new blog... and have yourself a little look around. There's even a spot in there for Your comments, which I'd Love to hear,so don't be shy,o.k.? :-)

Ever heard of Squidoo? Well, here's a link to one of my new lenses over there, pertaining to Survival Stuff, so you can check them out, if you haven't already. It's a real easy place to build a kind of "mini-website" and it doesn't even cost you a penny. As a matter of fact, You can even Earn Money with the fine folks at Squidoo! Now That's My kind of outfit! :-)

Survival Stuff:

Do you need a Kool ol' Pflueger Supreme level wind reel? Get your hands on this neat vintage reel for ONLY $30.00 plus shipping to-day.

Feel free to send me an Email anytime, about any of this bush stuff or whatever.

Into Survival stuff? Click the little leaf to see what I've got to say about Surviving.

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This little Outdoorsy flavored website was painstakingly hand built & is even maintained, for YOUR pleasure by LarryBourgeois, the Canadian webmaster, presently residing in Ottawa, Canada.

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Peace Out!