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Hi there. I'm LarryB. I'd like to share a few of my thoughts about Non-motorized, two wheelers in here, with you to-day. I've owned two Motorcycles in the past, but that's a whole other story and the grounds for another completely different web page all together which could prove pretty interesting in it's own right. :-) This little personal biking page is only about the regular good old fashioned, two wheeled bikes with no motors attached. Just a pair of pedals for power distribution and a quick-change tranny system to make the most of all your efforts and calorie burnin' pleasure! You apply enough force to them to move yourself forward at whatever speed is good for the conditions etc at hand.

The modern day, all terrain bicycle and the various hybrids though, are indeed quite a departure from the regular good ol' bicycle, of yesteryear though. Excluding electronics, they are what I call the most marvelous metallic creations of mankind in the last century. They have enabled regular, everyday, average people from all walks of life, to get out and about like there is no tomorrow! They have allowed folks to get to work, who had no money for bus fare. They have enabled many people with stiff joints, weak backs etc. to work it out and feel better because of the riding exercise. Riding, works many, many parts and functions of your body. Unlike in a car, for starters you are driving. You are sitting in a big chunk of steel. Your control is limited basically to two pedals, gas and brakes. Also it does very little good for the body as far as exercise goes. On the other hand, when you are on a bike, or a motorcycle or a horse for that matter, you are riding. You have full control with both hands and both feet and legs and the added luxury of you body weight. Knowledge of weight shift and body slippin' options makes YOU in total control all the time.

Riding one of these kool pollution free, wonderfully healthy, mobile mechanical exercise critters, is an amazing feeling once you get into it! For instance, you can very easily pedal way further in one day than you could walk normally, and in less time. And you won't be totally baked by the end of the day, albeit a little stiff and sorish here and there perhaps. But hey, just play back your days experience in your mind and see if it wasn't easily worth a few little minor aches and pains. :-) My own little second hand, mechanized pony, has been taking me on outdoor adventure tours for over seven years now. Before this limber little cross roads Beastie, I owned, piloted and wrenched my own 10 speed, French road bike (Pugot, also second hand) for a number of years. I find it is so marvelous to be able to go where I could not go with the skinny wheels of my old roadie. Now it's like; Is that an old overgrown trail over there, through that hay and wet spot and up those rocks to the left there? Let's check it out! Like, bring it on man! These vehicles can handle the most impossible conditions and bring you home smilin' big time. That's one of the reasons I keep on calling them adventure machines. Affordable adventures for the masses! Transportation plus, too. Have you ever seen a picture of a street scene in China? It's like, bicycles everywhere! Total swarms of them weavin' in and out and all around, daily. It's the people's choice of vehicles over there. Well, O.K. then, the top choice for average people anyway.

I don't know about your particular riding or eating habits but as a rule, on any given day ride, I usually have a few edibles with me and always something to drink in my bottle cage. Over the years,I've also tried many different ways of carrying various foods with me for day trips and have come up with some real interesting ones. One of the best, if I'm taking soft food especially, is one of those little hard shelled Igloo-type coolers, that you normally fit a six pack in. No matter what I put in there, it doesn't get squashed or cooked by the heat on a hot sunny day, provided I park in the shady areas during my frequent stops. Here is a little ol' bikers tip that probably every biker knows already but if you are fairly new at it then... Always, have at least one bungy cord on your bike at all times. Two or three would be even better. Just leave it on your bike until you need to bring something home. Most bad boys that steal bikes and accessories, don't steal bungy cords. They can even help other bikers that could benefit from your foresight. I originally used them many times on the Yamaha 650 Special too, back in those motorcycle days I refered to above, and they were just as indispensable back then as they are on a modern bicycle to-day. They can help you in a lot of ways so don't get caught without one. :-)

Many of you who know me, know that I love to fish as well as bike. So, lots of times I'll take a fishing pole along on my rides to sample the various waters near where I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I find it challenging to marry the two sports and still be successful in each, with only a few minor compromises. That also has led to some very interesting carrying arrangements that you may be interested in if you ever consider, Bike Fishin' in the future. I'll delve into those arrangements a little more, later, in the depths of this upcoming winter.

You know, the biggest reason for my starting this little page is to push this whole Biking thing! If you don't bike now, you should really consider it for this spring. Even borrow one from your kid or neighbour or get one at a garage sale (I got one last fall for $50 and now I have a spare) if you have to. Just give this biking stuff a go. A couple of short trips later, I'm sure you will be feeling some of what I'm talking about here. It's really, really fun... Try out some of the links while you are here and enjoy your cruise. Don't forget to bookmark this site for the future too. If YOU have a Biking website, why not list it with these guys at and get a bunch of new visitors to see it? It's free fast and powerful. Enjoy! Thanx again 4 droppin' by this little Canadian MTB'ing website. Please drop in again to see what's happening here in the future...

I think I LOVE Biking! :-)

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