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Prospecting with LarryBourgeois - Wandering the hills, hollows and creeks, for GOLD!

First of all I would like to thank you for dropping by to check out this little northern prospecting flavored website. I have been pretty well hooked on this prospecting thing for well over fifteen years and my only regret is not getting interested in it sooner. When you do a fair amount of searching, you find out that gold is strangely enough found almost everywhere. Mountains, valleys, creeks, gravel pits, ocean beaches, and even in sea water. Extracting it is another story. Finding gold and then extracting it, is what this page is basically about. Through some of my experiences and a number of super "Prospecting" hyper-links, I hope to make it easier for ANYONE with a real desire, to find a little color, by starting off here on this page, with me.

There have been a number of gold strikes within two hundred miles of here (Ottawa) in the early part of the last century. Check out my latest link to a great website that covers some of the particular area I have been studying for the last while, that has REAL good potential. I would like to say thanks to Bob Bredburg, for building it and making such an informative site available to us all!! Especially if you live within a couple of hundred miles of here. There IS GOLD in them thar hills !! Yahoo!!

Twenty years ago I would have laughed if someone had told me that they were going gold prospecting to see if they could find some color. In my innocence, I really thought that all the gold must have been found in the late 1800's and that was about the end of that story. I have since seen the error of my ways and have discovered that hundreds of people and maybe even thousands of them find gold every year. This beautiful metal comes in many forms. Depending on where you are looking for it and how you are attempting to recover it, it may be in the form of gold dust or flour gold or maybe flakes, Then too, it can appear as little nuggets, all shaped and worn by a lot of water and movement and a lot of time. Folks with modern day metal detectors have been finding plenty of beautiful gold nuggets in places that the old timers pulled gold out of in times past. The lesson there of course is, look for gold where it has been found before! You can find it anywhere but why not up the odds in your favor by seeking it where it was and still should be? It is a pretty consistant pattern.

Old tailings piles have yielded lots of rich gold ore even though no gold was visable in the samples. Only a metal sniffing, electronic, magic box, of modern day man, can see or smell or hear the wonderful gold trapped within those broken chunks of counrty rock on a discard pile of a long forgotten and run down old mine. Patiently waiting back in the bush somewhere for someone like YOU to find. Even a little research can reveal a surprising number of these deserted old claims, all waiting for you to come along with that gleam in your eye and a packsack full of gold extracting gear and some grub for the week-end. The more you try to find out about GOLD the more you will understand it.

Any GOLD that you discover in the bush, no matter what size or shape or form, is all REAL gold! This marvelous metal, raw from Mother Earth, rates as one of the most beautiful things to come out of creation. There is a lot more to gold than the monetary value. When you hold raw, wild, gold in your hand, something magical happens to you. The same thing doesn't happen when you put say 25 cents in the palm of your hand or even a dollar. Because you see, even though the dust and little bitty nuggets that you gathered for your days efforts would only amount to perhaps a dollar or two, the truth is it feels like and really is, SO much more. I mean this stuff is rare! Just the simple part of being out there in the bush with a gold pan and or fishing rod, is worth SO much to this old writer. If you love the woods and streams of our beautiful country, you'll know quite well what I mean about the reward of just being out there. To hold a little gold nugget or a fragile little brook trout for that matter, raised right there in it's natural environment, is to touch GOD! Your troubles melt away and your bottled up spirit soars. The little bit of gold of course, carefully placed into a vial or poke, can be saved and slowly added to, until the monetary value IS worth cashing in on. Obtain free, sell high. Besides that, normally, gold nuggets are NOT simply sold as per the current price of gold on the market but instead as unique and rare individual items. In other words, nuggets will more or less, always be worth more than the equivalent weight of plain, regular, smelted, gold. This is something to remember and benefit by. ;-)

My favorite Treasure Hunting/Gold Prospecting and totally inspiring, writer, hero, died a couple of years back but his fantastic books are a great legacy from a most wonderful, caring and dearly missed man. I'm referring to Karl Von Mueller and his wonderful treasure hunting, gold mining and owl hooting books which he authored. Look them up and give them a read. Either of his two Treasure Hunting Manuals will get you itching to get out there and dig up your own personal treasures. This man was responsible for many of us 'ol timers getting into the fine art/science/hobby, of Treasure Hunting. Hats off to this most stimulating, prolific, factual and to the point, Outdoor Adventure Writer/Educator, of the last century! Karl knew how to share unselfishly,what he knew, with anyone that showed an interest. We REALLY, REALLY, miss you Karl!!!

Have FUN in Your search for that most beautiful gleam of raw color, that only real and natural gold can furnish.....

Need some real Dyn-O-mite Gold Maps?? Klick this link below to go to the best place on the net to get them!

Gold Maps Galore!


One last little note ....

If you don't do anything else to-day and you would like to get to meet a lady treasure hunter/writer/publisher, then by all means, make sure you slip over to, "Waybill To Adventure" from my list of links on the left side of this page. It's a beautiful, treasure related website with many, many angles and slants and nooks and crannies to it. Painstakingly built through a lot of love and a ton of midnight oil and dedication by none other than Glenn Carson's (world renown treasure writer himself) amazing daughter Leanne, and it is a masterpiece. It makes me feel SUPER to know that Glenn Carson, my coin shooting hero for more than fifteen years, has not only influenced me and thousands and thousands of others who love to grub around in the ground for lost or stashed coins and treasure, but also that his daughter is now totally following in the main man's footsteps. She is sharing that special feeling and love of Treasure Hunting with others through her various websites, not just, Waybill To Adventure, although that would have been enough for most anyone else. Sign up for her cool, Free TH'ing Newsletter, while you're there and you could even tell her that I sent you too, if you want...

O.K. then, just One more little thing... I just started up a blog recently and have been spending probably too much time there I think. ;-) Anyway, go over and have a little peek-a-boo and leave a note in the comments section, if you'd like as well. :-) Ready? Alrighty then, the URL is, My new little blog... see ya...

I just discovered a really cool place on the web where you can build what they call, lenses. It's FREE and real easy to make a little lens like a mini web page over there. Here's a link to one that I've got over there now. Detecting:

Gold Rocks!!

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Thanx again for surfing into my little Gold website to-day. I want to wish you the very best of luck in 2012 in Your search for GOLD, in whatever form you find it!

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