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Canadian Flavored Outdoorsy Adventures...

Kool Canadian Kitty

Welcome! Come on in and have a little peek around the Outdoorsy etc. world of one LarryBourgeois, Canadian webmaster and all around, long time, low-key, bush loving guy. It seems I'm able to find one form of adventure or another, around almost every corner in my life, without hardly trying even. There is always something going on out there, around all of us. Do you see some of it? I can easily find clearness, calmness and coolness out there in the work a day world by using a few little tricks gained from lots of experience. Of course there is a pile of bad crud all around us too, but I make it part of my daily business to avoid tons of that stuff. Keeping focused, and using my many years of bush experience and a little bit of good old Spidey sense, gets me through some pretty rough stuff, with hardly a scratch. :-)

Canada is a REALLY big place and I love it all. Been from one coast to the other over the last 35 plus years and trust me, it's totally Awesome! The Internet has now made this former distance between the east and west coasts, unimportant, at least virtually anyway. Here, we can all meet and communicate with one another, about anything and everything by typing on our keyboards. Linked to the whole planet, I like to say. Thank you for finding this safe little spot to visit.
I have been inspired by the Internet for over fourteen years now but I never thought at first that I would be able to, or even want to, put up a little website one day. There are tons of people out there who still don't know the pleasure you can get from linking to the world wide web, with your very own website, just like the big boys have been doing for years since it all started. Except that us little guys, don't have to pay all the big bucks and hire all the "professionals" to do it for them! Nope! We, my friend, you and I, can do it ourselves. Yup, seriously. This page is kind of living proof that a bushy flavored adventurist/realist type of guy, can indeed claim some real estate and then build a spot on the world wide web for all to visit... I never went to college, nor have I ever completed any big computer courses or taken any formal html (the basic language of webpage making) training anywhere. So there you are friend, if I can whip up a website, I know that, you too, can do up a neat little website of your very own. I KNOW You can!

It is way too cool, in my little old mind at least, that an average Joe like me, and you for that matter, can have a website to call home, on the world wide web! You can even do it all for FREE. Well, once you really know what's going on and how the web works etc. That is a real hard part to swallow at first for most folks. Lots of people probably think it's some kind of a scam or rip or other trick or something. So they never even try it out. They never take the plunge. They never even take that first step to see if they will like it. Too bad. It's easy, it's fun, and it's all true and possible to do, with ease, for you and I. They really don't know what they are missing out on. So what are You waiting for? You could even start up your own website to-day, if you wanted to. There are a few options right here on this website. Some of the links to my other pages, will direct you deeper into making your own website, easy like. Tripod, this server, has had me on board for like over a dozen years now. I have a number of pages (sites) hosted here on this great provider. I know how easy it was to do that. Don't be shy about checking them out. As I said above, there are NO STRINGS attached. Take a step forward to-day. Go for it! You too, could make a mark on the Internet in the next 24 hours...

As time goes by I will figure out more of just what I am going to do with all this amazing communications/marketing power we all have at our fingertips here on the www. For now though, I just want to communicate with a few folks out there and to make my outdoorsy presence felt, if even slightly. And also I want to help a few people in some small way, to find even one neat idea ,some cool links perhaps or a freebie, or to refresh their memories of their own particular days afield. To tell you, for instance, that you can LEARN to experience freedom, and there are lots of ways of living happily on a daily basis without having to be rich or famous or fancy! I have always been on the side of the underdog, all my life. I've assumed that exact part MANY times in the past, so that I could know, how to help others in the future. The future is NOW. Many people need help to-day. The government has seen to that, and very efficiently indeed, I might add! Communication is perhaps our most advanced and powerful tool, that is available to everyone in the free world. You too might want to use it's power a little more often. When was the last time you sent your mom, dad, brother,sister,aunt, uncle, best friend or whoever an email? Send 'em a couple to-day. You'll feel better for it. I guarantee it!

Surf some of the hyper-links that you see here, to get you started off on some adventure of your own to-day, and have fun. :-)

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How would YOU like your very own, totally easy, FREE website and more, for whatever YOU want? Done. Simply click on the banner that takes you to Tripod at the top of this page and get going on it to-day. You'll enjoy the ease...

Here's something new that I've just started recently. You can make, like, mini-webpages, called Lenses, over at Squidoo.com very easily. Here's a link to one of my new lenses on Metal Detecting,over there. Go take a peek and then maybe you will want to sign up yourself and build a neat little lens of your own. It's very easy and something you can show your family and friends too...

Metal Detecting

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Peace Out...